June 3, 2023
Tasnee Petrochemical Jobs Saudi Arabia

Tasnee Petrochemical Jobs Saudi Arabia

Tasnee (formerly known as National Industrialization Company) is an economic diversification company that operates petrochemicals, chemicals, plastics, engineering, and metals sectors. It manufactures and sells sulphuric acid, titanium chemicals, lead and sodium sulfate, titanium metal powder, mineral sands, plastic sheets, and other products.

National Industrialization Co (Tasnee) is a chemical company that manufactures and markets petrochemicals, chemicals, and other downstream products. Its portfolio of petrochemical products includes ethylene, high and low density polyethylene, propylene, polypropylene and acrylic acid. Tasnee’s downstream products include dry and liquid vehicle batteries, lead, plastic products and acrylic sheets. The company also provides engineering and technical industrial services, and conducts technical testing of equipment, and industrial, chemical, petrochemical and metallurgical plants, and water desalination and power generation plants. Its main markets include Saudi Arabia, Australia, the US, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Tasnee is headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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Operator III, Reduction B                                              KSA > Yanbu

Sr Analyst I, Business                                                      KSA > Riyadh

Specialist I, CM-MRO Strategy                                     KSA > Riyadh

Specialist, PDH Operation                                             KSA > Jubail

Specialist, Business Intelligent                                     KSA > Jubail

Sr. Scientist, Technology Management & Licensing         KSA > Jubail

Advisor, Business Performance                                   KSA > Riyadh

Section Head, Security Assurance & Aware             KSA > Jubail

Sr Specialist, Fiber                                                           KSA > Jubail

Section Head, HC Management Solutions                KSA > Riyadh

Advisor III, Business Transformation                          KSA > Riyadh

Analyst, Cybersecurity Defense                                   KSA > Jubail

Senior Advisor, Petrochemicals Strategy                  KSA > Riyadh

Manager, SAP Finance and Control (FICO)               KSA > Riyadh

Sr Specialist, Molding                                                     KSA > Jubail

Engineer, Site Projects – MECH                                    KSA > Jubail

Engineer II, Projects Management                             KSA > Yanbu

Manager, Production                                                     KSA > Jizan

Pr Advisor II, Technical & Development                    KSA > Hael

Engineer II, Process Safety                                            KSA > Yanbu

Analyst I, Cybersecurity Defense                                 KSA > Jubail

Engineer II, Safety                                                           KSA > Yanbu

Sr Engineer I, Process Safety                                        KSA > Jubail

Sr Operator, PDH                                                            KSA > Jubail

Manager, Engineering & Maintenance                      KSA > Jizan

Manager, SHE                                                                  KSA > Jizan

Principle Specialist I – Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) Sales        KSA > Riyadh

Specialist II, Process                                                       KSA > Dammam

Assistant IV, Warehouse                                               KSA > Riyadh

Representative III, Recycling Sales                              KSA > Riyadh

Engineer I, Continuous Improvement                        KSA > Hael

Specialist, Instrument                                                    KSA > Jubail

Operator III, Offline                                                        KSA > Dammam

Coordinator IV, Order Processor                                 KSA > Riyadh

Technician IV, QC                                                            KSA > Hael

Tasnee Petrochemical Jobs Saudi Arabia
Tasnee Petrochemical Jobs Saudi Arabia
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